Tuesday 15 March 2011

It Must be my Lucky Day today!

This morning I received my Exam result, I passed with a Distinction and so am now a Qualified Beauty Therapist! Only took me 6 years part time, lol, but I got there in the end! YAY

Then I was checking sites I regularly visit, only to find I have won a prize! A lovely lady, Enfys, at Going Buggy offered a Card Making Book that she reviewed. I put in a request and I was the lucky one to be picked!

I will be passing the Book onto my Mum who is starting card making, and I know it will give her lots of help and inspiration. I live away from her so its hard to try to show her how to do things and share ideas. I've sorted out a gigantic shoe box full of crafting bits and tools and loads of extras overflowing the box.

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