Friday 1 July 2011

More coming soon!

More posts coming soon! I have the photos on my Camera, just need longer than 5 minutes to get posts written!

Been quite hectic here with School plays, days off, inset days and my youngest's 3rd Birthday.

 Thought I would add this photo too, its a Cave, in which you can get married! After a fair walk, and a "getting wet" under a waterfall, you finally reach the end, where the Alter can be found, for the ceremony.
 This is actaul cave, it's HUGE inside, and you can see the waterfalls you have to walk under/behind to reach the wedding area.

It can be found at Dan-yr-gof show caves in South Wales. Not my choice of wedding venue im afraid! But a great day out for the whole family visiting the caves and dinosaurs.

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