Wednesday 11 February 2015

Getting up to Date!

I have SO many cards and projects to share, I really need to get up to date.

After the manic couple of years, my aim is to use up lots of my craft stash. I have more than enough to last a lifetime and beyond!
While I've been away from my blog, I havnt totally been away from crafting. I havnt been crafting as mush as I used to, mainly just making things as the need arises, but I still have ALOT of items to share.
I have Teacher gifts, lots of cards and my New craft room!! I will tidy it up a bit, take some photos (before and after I converted it) and maybe do a youtube video tour. Watch this space!
I am also working on other projects, more design based, and dabble in Zentangle when I cant be bothered to do anything.

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