Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Craft Room Conversion and Make Over!

Sorry guys this post is quite photo heavy. But there really is no way to show my "project" without it being photo heavy! This was my own little project with very very minimal help from my other half. He only helped to saw a small bit of skirting board when my hand was blistered and I couldnt carry on. 
So here it is...

When we moved in to our new house November 2013, this room was an extension to the front of the house in the form of a porch. It was unfinished. The previous owners used it as a Utility room. We did too for a short period of time. I hated it. It was a bit of a dumping ground for tools, shoes and my husbands bike!

 Look closely and you see no skirting boards, just a huge gap and no floor tiling up tp the main door! Also on the wall to the left was a HUGE hole to the outside world where a tumble dryer pipe was put. I filled it with expanding foam and plastered over it.

The old main front door into the house before the porch was built.

Here is the pipe work for the washing machine to be connected up. A bit of an odd place to put a radiator too, but actually works well because it hasnt taken any useful wall space!

The walls  have been painted Magnolia and skirting boards roughly measured out. We found lots of left over skirting board in the loft, most of which somehow fitted.

My middle son desperate ho help paint. You can see the fille dand patched "hole" just above his head on the left wall.

 My youngest son also had to have a go at painting.

 My oldest Son had a go with the "Big" tools. He was 9 here. In his Pikachu onesie too

 The skirting all done and fitted! VERY proud of my handywork!

 More skirting, and the coat stand which is staying, back in the room. Ready to find suitable carpet now.

 Underlay! Fitted by myself too. The room smelled really fishy for a while. Yuck

 Carpet! Again fitted by me, I NEVER pay anyone to fit carpet. Im actually quite a competent carpet fitter! In all our old houses I've fitted all our carpets.
 The carpet cost me about £10. Its a really good quality hard wearing, stain resistant, non-absorbant one. An off cut from Allied Carpets.

Time for my Cupboard!
 I even made the cupboard by myself with a little help from the boys to hold a panel or two as screwed it together.

And here it is! The Brimnes 3 door Wardrobe from Ikea. The mirror door can be placed in the middle or to the sides, I decided middle just because Im a bit OCD with things being symmetrical. I searched, measured and battered many wardrobes both on the internet and Ikea and this one was the right size, LOTS of customizable space inside and doesnt look out of place in the room. Some wardrobes just shouted "hey I'm a wardrobe" and looked awful.

The blind on the front door is also from Ikea. Its the Schottis, which costs £2.50! Its perfect for UPVC fittings because its sticky and doesnt require any holes being made in the plastic. My husbands rule is absolutely NO drilling or screwing into UPVC doors and windows. Fair enough.
The rug was a bargain from Tesco. I picked it up in the Sale for £2! Its a tightly woven fabric rug. Perfect for hoovering up any small bits and scraps that will inevitably find their way onto the floor.

And that is it for now! My craft room is now re-stocked and full to the brim. I just need to take some pics and do a Craft room tour. Watch this space!

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