Sunday 27 February 2011

Vintage Buttons

I finally got to visit a fab little shop that my Husband told me about a long long time ago. Claire Grove. (the photos only show some of the bowls of Buttons. They had hundreds of them!) Its located down a little arcade that I rarely visit, so the shop was all forgotten about. Although taking a 2 year old and a pushchair into this shop was certainly not an option! Luckily I managed to escape for a couple of hours on my own with my 7 year old and we stumbled upon the shop. I could not resist!

This shop is dedicated to Buttons. They are from all over the world in all shapes and colours. Some so beautiful, its pointless buying them unless you plan to use them. But also too beautiful to give away on a card or tag.

As we were leaving the shop (after having only bought a Skull and Crossbone giant button), I spotted a giant old tin hidden under a shelf with a sign "Odds and Ends. Help yourself but please leave a donation for the RSPB" (Royal Society for the protection of Birds)
The tin was half full of all sorts of vintage used buttons. I took a handful, and Donated £1.40 (thats all the change I had other than a £10 note)

I got a total of 79 Buttons, weighing 93g. Some buttons are broken and not useful, But Im more than pleased with my selelction.

1 comment:

  1. It's great buying a rummage tin of buttons, charity shops often have them and you can pick up some great examples.
    Helen x


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