Friday 8 April 2011

A bit of a Show and Tell

I have too much stash and really need to whittle it down and use it up! So I've done a "show and tell" to try to embarrass myself into getting it sorted/get rid.

Most of my Crafting storage space is in our bedroom, so I want to try to keep it as "hidden" as I can. Not an easy job!

This is my main cupboard, the doors do actually fully close This houses all my Embellishments, stickers, magazines, pens, fabric flowers, glues, huge box of ribbons, buttons, Distress inks, glue gun, tools, peel offs, templates, etc etc

This lot lives next to the cupboard. Three Stack n store boxes (22litres boxes) The bottom one has all card, the middle one has all papers and the top one has odds and ends like a tub of bits ive made, heat gun, craft mat, paintbrushes, paint. And on top of that is my "in progress" stuff.
Between the cupboard and boxes are my zip folders that house all my Stamps and two magazine boxes that have plain white card A4 card stock and on top of all that is my Lap craft tray.
The tubs in front are empty, ready for filling and putting into the cupboard, and my Dremel is there too, it needs a home. I was given it last week for Mothers Day.

This is the opposite corner of the Bedroom, the black and white boxes house my Envelopes and Card Blanks. They're not very big, A4 only just fits in the base.
Next to them is a Stack n store box that holds all my Sizzix dies, embossing folders, Nesties and my Big Shot. (There is actually space under the big Shot, the Big Shot is resting on the edge)
Behind the stack box is a carry folder containing some 12X12 papers/cards and kits.

This is a Stack n Store box waiting to be sorted. Its not all craft stuff in there! (Thankfully) Its kind of a Filing tray. Most of this stuff under the top layer, is destined for the Bin and local school.

Onto the smallest room. I have 2 22 litre boxes with stuff in, Vinyl, sticky tapes, glue, origami papers, books to cut up, then on the shelf below is 2 smaller boxes that house Felt, Foam and all my Jewellery making stuff, polymer clay, paper making kit.
(the blue box on the far left of the pic, is not mine!! (YAY) it belongs to the Boys and holds all their Warhammer stuff)

Next to the Boys Warhammer box, is my box of Punches. The box is about 20litre and a complete mess! I need to sort my punches, but I love punches! On top of the punches is balanced some ice cream tubs of beads and keyrings and bits for School craft fairs.

I am really hoping I can post again shortly with less stuff and more tidy crafting stuff!

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  1. How lovely to see all your crafty goodies! I love a lot of the same things you do, especially my Big Shot (well, mine's the BK but same thing, different colours). I spotted the Costco mega pack of papers in one of your photos too...I use mine a lot.


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