Monday 4 April 2011

Free Make your own Rhinestone Jewel Template

I love Rhinestone Flourishes but struggle to get them looking right. So I came up with the idea of making a template. Then I googled and soon realised it was not a unique idea! Ah well. still, it was easier, quicker and much much cheaper to make my own template in Inkscape.

You can download my Free Flourish template HERE. (pdf)

The template measures 4" wide X 7.5" high

Feel free to use it but please do not copy it in any way, sell it or alter it to sell without my permission first. You may link to it, but please state that you found it here.

How I used the template was to print it onto cardstock, then using my Crop-a-dile on the 1/8th hole setting, punched all the holes. you can use it like this and either place rhinestones into the holes then remove the template, or draw dots then remove the template and add rhinestones to the dots.

You can also use the template as a guide to place Stickles, Liquid pearls etc..


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