Thursday 2 June 2011

My Slice Bag

My new slice cutter needs a nice cosy home, but no way am I prepared to pay approximately £50 for a storage bag! I have only ever once spent that on a designer handbag for myself!

So I set out to find a nice bag and I found this fab bag in the first shop I went to, and it was the first bag I spotted. In Primark and it was very, very expensive at £3!

I also needed somewhere to store my Design cards and refence cards. Again I refused to pay almost £20 for a storage folder (mainly because I remember seeing them in Hobbycraft at Christmas for £2.99 but little did I realise 6 months later I would be wanting one!)
I have a few mobile phone/MP3 player cases kicking around that I've bought from Poundland, and lo and behold, my cards in their cases and the refence cards fit perfectly with space for more! (I have 4 design cards so far)

 Everything fits inside here, with plenty of space for more! I have my 6" cutting mat, the slice, the power cord, spatula, in the zip compartment are the spare blades, blade tool and adjuster tool. Also is a pouch that holds all me design cards and refence cards.
 That purple case holds my Design cards and refence cards
 My pouch with design cards and reference cards.
 You can see my blade tool poking out the little pocket in this pouch, these are no longer in here, I moved them into the main bag.

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