Monday 26 September 2011

I won a Set of Handmade in Wales Jewellery by Carrie Elspeth

Saswa is an independant shop in Cardiff, They sell lots of lovely items handmade in Wales and from around the world. Check out their online shop.
If you follow them on Twitter, you can enter their Twitter competition to win a lovely Set of Jewellery Handmade by Carrie Elspeth. I was the lucky winner last Friday, and on Saturday I went and picked my goody bag.
This is the lovely set I won:

This is a lovely addition to my Jewellery collection because I dont usually got for blues and greens, Im a pink person! Luckily I have a few outfits that it will go with, but theres always room to shop for some new key items.

So go and check out Saswa and you'll find some beautiful items at good prices!


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