Monday 24 September 2012

Had a bit of an accident!

Im afraid I wont be around for a few more weeks, I have some posts still to write up from a few weeks ago, but last week I broke my thumb. I was walking around with it for a week totally unaware. I even handmade a Victorian costume totally unaware!!
On the Tuesday I noticed my thumb was feeling a little sore and itchy and looked a bit swollen. Thought maybe I'd been bitten by some bug and left it alone. I made a Victorian costume, went about day to day life and even went on a School trip with my local school!
On Friday my thumb was still quite swollen and feeling more sore. I poked it about a little to get a better understanding and decided I'd go to A&E. My thumb let out an allmighty crack sound and hurt like nothing before. Ouch. But then the swelling went down a little, but I could no longer bend it. So on the Sunday I decided I'd better get it checked and went to A&E.
I came out looking like this:

I had X-rays taken and it appears I had torn the tendons in my Thumb (at the joint just below the base of the nail) and in tearing those tendons, they had taken a nice chunk of bone off too :-(. So A&E patched it up and sent me on my way, to come back today to Trauma Clinic to have the specialists check it out.
Off I went to clinic, and came out like this:

I now have a moulded splint which allows my thumb to move in a certain way so the tendons dont shrink and tighten and cause more problems in the future, but it also keeps my thumb straight so the bone can heal.

The only thing im really really kicking myself about is not getting a copy of my x-ray. The first thing my boys ask me? "did you get a picture of your x-ray?". Totally gutted now.
I have to see the physio in 2-3 weeks so im praying they have a copy of it I can photograph. Otherwise I'll have to try to contact the hospital.

And of course...its my right thumb...and I'm right no work for me for about 4 weeks, and no/very little card making and crafting. Im already bored and its only 24hours with my thumb totally out of action!

The final question? How did I do it? Well I did it by picking my 4 year old Son up to put him in the naughty corner! It took a while to work back and figure out that I remember my thumb feeling a little irritated after I'd put him there..

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