Thursday 11 October 2012

Strapped up for another 2 weeks

Yesterday I had my appointment with my Physio and I have to stay splinted up for another 2 weeks.
Im going insane not being able to craft! BUT I did go to a local Craft show at the weekend with my mum and stocked up on some amazing dies, which I have been playing with (you dont need a thumb to use a Big Shot thankfully!) I'll get some pics of what I created and post them up.

I was honest and told the Physio I had tried sewing by hand, but couldnt as I couldnt hold the needle and didnt have the strength to push it through the fabric. I think the Physio nearly had a heart attack at that! Im not ready to do that sort of movement with my thumb yet. But I have been excercising it really well and fingers crossed it wont be long before I have full function back. YAY! But my Tendons still have alot of work to do.

I also sent off for a copy of my X-rays. Only because my Boys were gutted I didnt get a photo of it initially when I went to hospital. My X-ray arrived on a  lovely CD and the boys spent hours fascinating over my bones and how they could see the piece of bone hanging off the corner! Boys....

So heres my X-ray:

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