Thursday 15 November 2012

Craft Robo Silhouette cut files

I'm BACK!!!

My Thumb is alot better now, although there are still some things I cant do, like hold a pen properly, but I have a brace to wear to use pens and keep using stress balls to strengthen it. I'll get there eventually.

So while I've been gone, Ive got out my Craft Robo Lite again. I get it out, try making something then give up. Ive had it 2 years now and used it about 5 times. I can tell by the number of cut marks on the cutting mat!
I've been having a good play with Silhouette studio and think ive finally figured it out! YAY. So I'm on a whirl at the moment thrashing out lots of cut files while I practise and figure everything out.
So far Ive made a Hot Air Balloon, Word frames, Welded words, A truck shaped card, a princess shaped card, clouds and I know a few others that I cant remember right now.

All these files that I've been making while learning, I will add on here for free. They will be studio files and for personal use only and not for sharing elsewhere. But more about that at the time.

Watch this space for some free silhouette studio cut files!

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