Monday 24 January 2011

Resin Embellishments (and coffee Beans)

I love making my own embellishments and a while ago bought a resin kit with good intent. I didnt know where to start, had so many ideas, so the box got put in a drawer and forgotten about. Until we took the Boys out to a coffee shop.
Upon delivery of our drinks to the table, our oldest who is 6 noticed a stragler on the tray. A coffee bean! He instantly called it "Ben Bean" and became quit attached to it!
He wanted to keep it forever, didnt want it to go mouldy or rot over time, then I remembered Resin! Such a great way to experiment.

This is the resin kit I bought which is easy to use and has very clear instructions.

The mould I used are Silicone chocolate moulds I found in Poundland

This is what I made with the left over resin, thin embellishments ready to be used as they are, or painted with Glass paints, or stuck on top of other items/papers

And here is Ben Bean! Ben Bean is in the Heart Shaped Resin, on the left.
(We had to go and buy a pack of beans so our other 2 sons didnt feel left out)


  1. Love this idea, I like using UTEE with various embellishments and moulds but I do love the idea of coffee beans.
    Helen x

  2. Hi

    I was wondering where you got your resin from? I've been looking around fpr them in shops - & was it expensive?

  3. Hi Sara, I picked up the Resin in Hobbycraft, it was about £15 for the pack. They dont always stock it, I was lucky they had it from another customer who placed an order and they buy extra for stock. It is quite hard to find though. xx


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